Reading List for 4365

Fall, 2009


I. Sociology of Religion


“Why We Became Religious and the Evolution of the Spirit World”


“The Study of Mythology”


 Monahan, et al – Introduction and Part 1 – “Classic Sociological 

    Definitions of Religion” (pp 1-29)


“Science and the Sacred”


“Introduction to Belief and Ritual” by Monihan, in Monihan, et al, Part II


“Scientists and Religion in America


“Madness about a Method”


“The Secularization Debate” – Part VIII of Monihan, et al.  (pp. 196 – 224)


“Science and Religion” – Part XIII in Monihan, et al. (pp. 374 -398)


“Postmodern Culturalism and Scientific Illiteracy” AND “Science in an Old Testament Style”


“Scientific Symbols and Cultural Meanings” – Toumey


“Civil Religion in America” by Robert Bellah, in Monahan et al,

        Part II


II. Bogus Science, Fantastic Science, and Religion


“Noah’s Ark and Ancient Astronauts”


“Two Paranormalisms, or Two and a Half”


“The Scholars and the Goddess”


“Wiccans v. Creationists”


“Gender and Religion,” Part IV of Monihan et al. (pp.115 - 143)


“Angels” by Kenneth Woodward, in Monihan et al, Part III


“Educational Experience and Belief in Paranormal Phenomena”


“Introduction to Religious Experience” by MacDonald, in Monihan, et

        al, Part III


“Science as a Cultural Construct”


“Voting in Science”


“The Treatment of Theory in Textbooks”


III. Science, Religion, and Social Change


“Anti-modernism, Modernism, and Postmodernism: Struggling with the

     cultural significance of new religious movements”


 “Islam”  -- found online at: 

Arabic Science and the Islamic World


Reason and Rationality in Islam and the West


“How Islam Won, and Lost, the Lead in Science”


“Foreign Policy’s Faux Pas”


Read two posts from blog at


   “Study: Religiosity of Humanities Students Most Likely to Wane




   “This Just In: College will Make You an Atheist



Material above this line will appear on Exam 1



"A Short History of Halloween"  - found at:



IV. Apocalyptic Religion


“The End: How it Got that Way”


“Apocalyptic Theory Revitalized by Attacks”


“The End of the World”


V. Satanic Panics


“The Demonology of Satanism: An Anthropological View”


“Nightmares on Main Street


VI. More Fantastic and/or Bogus Science


“UFOs, Why Do We Believe?”


“Paucity of Aliens”


“Alien Abduction?  Science Calls It Sleep Paralysis”


“Creating False Memories”


“The Fellowship of the Rings”


“Divining the Social Order”


VII. Effects of Race, Class, and Gender


Science, Technology, and Black Community Development


“Race, Ethnicity, and Religion” – Part IV of Monihan, et al (pp. 78



School Daze


They Were Not Here Before Columbus


VIII. Science and Technology in International Perspective


Where Faith Grows: Fire by Pentecostalism – 3rd world


Ethical Investing: Monsanto Terminator Technology


How Evangelicals become Israel’s Best Friend


“Social Class and Religion” – Part VI of Monihan, et al.  (pp. 144 – 172)


IX. Creationism, Evolution, and Intelligent Design


The Genesis of Creationism


Antievolutionism and Creationism in the United States


(Online) “Intelligent Design?  A Special Report from Natural History magazine.



 Material above this line will appear on Exam 2


The battle for American science


Steel Axes for Stone Age Australians


X. Science, Religion, and Politics


GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT: Scientific Integrity in Policy Making


Now the Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change will Destroy Us


Brainstorm: Energy Security – How to Kick the Oil Habit


“Alternative Religions” – Part X of Monihan, et al.  (pp. 258 –



Politics, Science, Morality of Stem Cell Issue


“Politics and Religion” – Part XII in Monihan, et al. (pp. 337 –



Cell wars – stem cell research


Science, Culture, and Politics


Panel Identifies Gene-Altered Animals' Risk

Opposition to nanotechnology


Our Posthuman Future


Europe’s Way of Death