Extra Credit Possibility re “An Inconvenient Truth”


Do you want to earn 2 full extra credit points on your final grade for the course? (That's 2 points added to final average for the ENTIRE COURSE, not just 2 points added to a single exam grade. Assuming, of course, you do a good job - otherwise only partial credit may be awarded).

If you decide to do this exercise, please be aware that you are bound by the

UTA Honor Code to do you own work and not share answers. Detected violations of this policy will be

dealt with severely.


Deadline is Wednesday at 5 p.m. - if I'm not around you can put the paper in my mailbox in UH 430. 

DO NOT send your assignments by e-mail, I need a PAPER copy (even if Al would disapprove!).

If you want to add the points to your grade, here's what you need to do:

View Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth." (Running time = 1 hr and 38 minutes), and then answer the following questions.

I strongly suggest that you read the questions below BEFORE viewing the movie.

Your name:     _________________________________________

1) Al Gore rejects the validity of continental drift theory:


            a. true      

               b. false


2) In the chart of C02 levels from 1958 through 2005, why does the line go up and then down every
    year? (Don't just say "the seasons," what is the actual mechanism associated with the seasons that
   causes these cycles?).















3) How does the melting of sea ice effect the melting of land ice?   Which is the more serious problem re
     increasing sea levels over the long run?

4. Which will warm more in the next few decades, the regions around the equator or the regions around the Earth's polar regions?   Why?




5. What stopped the oceans’ "conveyor belt” last time there was an ice age? What might cause the same thing to happen in the near future?   How long might this take this time?




6. What are "moulins?" Why are they important?



7. What percentage of over 900 peer-reviewed professional journals argued that global warming might not be a real problem in the future?



What percentage of over 600 popular press articles argued that global warming is an overrated threat? Why the difference in the two answers just above?




8. Which is more unstable and therefore likely to cause real problems in the near future? The Antarctic or Greenland?    

9. Global warming will cause:

a. more floods

b.    more droughts
c. both of the above

10. What is Larson B? Why is it important in the movie?



11. Name 3 different areas of the world likely to be MOST effected by rising sea levels at least in terms
of the size of the populations likely to be impacted:


12.   How much of annual C02 is attributable to forest burning?

13.   Does Gore believe we have to choose between saving the environment and having a healthy economy? Explain briefly.

14. What was the Kyoto agreement?   Which two developed nations did not sign the Kyoto agreement?


15. Why would it be hard for U. S. auto companies to sell their cars in China?