Study guides for Exam 2 (click the link to the left for questions re "Seeing Ourselves")

    For the Berk textbook:   Chapter 11

                                           Chapter 12

                                           Chapter 13

                                           Chapter 14


Study guides for Exam 3

    Study guides for Macionis for Final Exam (click the link to the left for questions from "Seeing Ourselves")

    For the Berk textbook:  There are obviously "too many" questions per chapter.  However, it would takes hours

    to narrow them down.  So I'm going to proceed on the assumption that too many is better than none.  As we have

    talked about in class, I'd suggest that you skip questions that are not obviously related to sociology or

    social psychology.


                                        Chapter 15


                                        Chapter 16


                                        Chapter 17


                                        Chapter 18


                                        Chapter 19