Chapter 1
1. According to Benjamin Kline, why is the book of Genesis important to nature?
2. What were the thoughts and attitudes of Europeans when they discovered America?
3. What was discovered by 17th century scientists?  
4. What influence did the scientific revolution have?
5. What does d’Holbach write about?

Chapter 2
1. How did the British view the environment?
2. How are Native Americans viewed with the environment?
3. What was the ideal that the Native Americans sought to achieve?
4. What was the biggest impact that the horses had on the environment in North America?
5. Is it possible to occupy land? Explain.

Chapter 3
1. What is manifest destiny?
2. How did Americans view the exploitation of the wilderness?
3. What happened to Native Americans after the Civil War?
4. List some of the individuals involved in the environmental movement and what their contribution was.

Chapter 4
1. What were the different periods of industrialization?
2. What are the problems with urbanization?
3. How did the Industrial Revolution change farms?
4. How was the land devastated during the industrial revolution?
5. What were some of the effects of overconsumption on the land?
6. Who were some of the voices that spoke up for nature?