"Berkeley in the 60s"

Extra Credit Possibility



Do you want to earn 2 full extra credit points on your final grade for the course?  (That’s 2 points added to final average for the ENTIRE COURSE, not just 2 points added to a single exam grade.  Assuming, of course, you do a good job – otherwise only partial credit may be awarded).


Read the questions you need to answer BEFORE you start viewing the movie!


If you decide to do this exercise, please be aware that you are bound by the

UTA Honor Code to do you own work and not share answers.  Detected violations of this policy will be dealt with severely.


If you want to add the points to your grade, here’s what you need to do:


Use Windows Media Player (or else you will have to download the entire movie before you can play it -- and that can take quite awhile!).  Right click on Windows Media Player to bring up the menu for it.  One menu allows you to choose the "view" you want.  Choose "classic" view.  That will show you a "file" menu in the upper left corner of the player.  From the "file" menu, choose "open URL" and then cut and paste the web address below into the address box you will see.  That should, if you have your software configured normally, start to play the movie after only a few seconds.


1. Go to the following address on the Web:




     Going to that address will pop up a box for id and password. 

     User id = “criminologist”          

     and password = “3313f03”

    (Type only what’s in the quotes, and don’t

     use the quote marks when signing in). 


     (You may have to sign in twice, depending on the PC you are using).


2. Watch the 2 hour movie, online.   (The movie is called “Berkeley in the



      (IMPORTANT, once you start watching, you will need to watch the entire

       movie.  You CAN pause it, and then restart from the same spot. BUT if

       you make the mistake of actually stopping it, you may have to begin

       again at the very start of the movie.  You might want to practice

       pausing the film several times just at the beginning).


3.  It is strongly recommended that you use Microsoft Windows Media Player

     Version to view the movie.  If you do so, you will get good quality and

     can even watch full-screen.  You can watch the movie using other media

     players (I’ve successfully tried using Winamp 5 and Real One Player).

     However, other players than Media Player give noticeably poorer



     If you don’t have the needed hardware or software at home or the office

     to view the film, you can use one of the UTA PC labs.  They have

     headphones for sound, and they either have Media Player V 9 installed or

     they will let you download and install it (they say).


4. You need to answer the questions that appear below.  NOTE that you

    will do much better if you carefully read these questions BEFORE you

    view the film!!!


5. The assignment should be turned in (ON PAPER – no e-copies accepted)

    by the time of the start of the final exam for the course.  Earlier
    submission is encouraged.  (You can leave the paper in my mailbox in

    UH 430 if I’m not around – subject to the deadline just described).


6.  Answer the following questions:


          1. Describe the events depicted in the movie surrounding the Chicago

             Convention of 1968, and explain the significance of these events. 

            (about 2 paragraphs)


          2. What was “People’s Park?”  What controversy surrounded it?

              Was violence associated with the park?  Explain.


          3. In 1963, concerning what issue did Berkeley students band

              together with blacks in the city of San Francisco?


          4. Who was governor of California beginning in 1966?  What were

              his attitudes towards the Berkeley demonstrators?  Explain.


          5. Who was Huey Newton?  What took place between Newton and

              the police?


          6. What role for the women’s movement can be seen in the events

              depicted in the movie?