Sociology 1311

Introduction to Sociology

Spring Semester 2000

Class Time: Tues/Thurs. 9:30-10:50

Room: 010 University Hall

Instructor: Dr. Raymond Eve

Office Hours: MW 3 - 4:00, and by appointment

Office: Room 442 University Hall

Phone: 272-3764 or 272-2661 (the latter is the main Sociology office)


Required Text:

Kendall, Diana. 2000. Sociology in our Times, The Essentials. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

Course Objectives:

To provide an introduction to the sociological perspective and to use this perspective to discuss and interpret human behavior.

To identify and discuss a variety of topics related to social life; such as culture, socialization, deviance, stratification, and social change.

To provide a strong foundation of sociology as a discipline in preparation for additional classes within the field.

To better understand ourselves as an individual within society or social life rather than apart from it.

Class policies:

Attendance is expected for each class meeting. Material provided during class will extend beyond the information in your texts. All class lectures, videos, guest speakers, open discussions and debates will be covered on your exams. Make-up exams are discouraged.

Your attention and participation is expected each class meeting. I will be prepared for an hour of education and thought provoking discussion. I hope each student is prepared both with readings and frame of mind.

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in any form. See your student handbook for specific guidelines concerning dishonesty, cheating, and plagiarism.

It is the student’s responsibility to formally drop the course if so desired. Neither the registrar nor the instructor will drop you from the course for nonattendance.

UTA complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. All students with disabilities will be accommodated. Please see me and/or contact the Office for Students with Disabilities.

Evaluation: There will weekly quizzes where each quiz covers one chapter from

the textbook.  These quizzes will be taken online through the World Wide Web so that more time is available for in-class lecture and discussion of the material.

There will be in-class written exams once each month.  These are optional.  You take each of these exams if you wish to attempt to replace your average for that month's weekly quizzes.  You keep the higher of the two grades.

There will be an optional final exam.  If the student is satisfied with their course grade, this exam may be skipped.  If the student seeks to improve their course grade, they can attempt to replace their previous average with their score on a comprehensive final exam.  The student keeps the higher of the two grades.  The final exam is in-class at the time scheduled by the University.

Tentative class schedule:

Week 1 Introduction and Chapter 1

Week 2 Chapter 1 ,2

Week 3 Chapter 2,3

Week 4 Chapter 3,4

Week 5 Chapter 4---Exam I –Thursday, Feb 17

Week 6 Chapter 6

Week 7 Chapter 7,8

Week 8 Chapter 8,9

Week 9 Chapter 9---Exam II -Thursday, March 16

Spring Break

Week 10 Chapter 10

Week 11 Chapter 11,12

Week 12 Chapter 12

Week 13 Exam III Tuesday, April 18. Chapter 15

Week 14 Chapter 15,16

Week 15 Chapter 16, Review


Final Exam: Thursday, May 11 8:00-10:30am


Sociologist Peter Berger gives the following warning, "People who like to avoid shocking discoveries, who prefer to believe that society is just what they were taught in Sunday school, who like the safety of the rules... should stay away from Sociology."