What Can I Do with a Degree in Sociology?" (click the link to find out!)

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          Sociology 1311 - Introduction to Sociology

I. Course Syllabus - click here to view the syllabus

II. Online Weekly Quizzes

    Click the link just below to go to the quiz for Chapter 14, or cut and paste it into your browser:


III. Extra Credit Assignment

IV. Study Guides

Due to the problems outlined just above with the Thompson Testing Tools package. Interactive study guides will no longer be possible.  Instead, just below you will find a link to the questions taken from that package.  The weekly quiz will be online and will consist of twenty questions, most of which will be taken from the set that appears when you follow the link.

        Chapter 10 study questions

        Chapter 11 study questions

        Chapter 12 study questions

        Chapter 14 study questions

V. Links To Other Useful Resources