Below appears the list of presentations assignments for the remaining seminar nights.

You should plan to spend no less than about 20 to 25 minutes per presentation on the nights when we do not have one of the “major” presentations scheduled.  For major presentations, one per each student, you should plan to spend about an hour presenting your work to the rest of the class.  On those nights, everyone else will also present, but those shorter presentations should last about 15 to 20 minutes apiece. 


All presentations titles are from the Adler and Adler readings.


Note that we will have presentations on the same night that you turn in your mid-terms, so be sure to allow the extra time you need to be prepared for both events.


Please note that on the Website for the course that you can see on, I’ve put a link from the top level menu to instructions for how to prepare for your presentations.  (Also be sure to put the dash in “” if you are looking for the domain or it won’t come up when you need it).


We will do the presentations on the night scheduled as shown below.  However, we may move around the order in which they are presented on a given night.


I tried to give everyone the topics they asked for where I was able to meet their wishes,  in some cases, however, you will find a topic assigned you did not request.  I regret this, but people tended to ask for the same topics.  If any of the topics below, or material above, seriously troubles you in any way, please let me know and I’ll try to accommodate your concerns.


Schedule of Presentations for Spring 2002:


March 14th: Constructing Deviance


Cassie: Moral Entrepreneurs

Linda: Moral Panics: The Case of Satanic Day-Care Centers

Kathy: The Social Construction of Drug Scares

Heidi: Survey of the Sexual Behavior of Americans


March 28th: Deviant Identity


Heidi: Becoming Bisexual

Linda: The Collective Stigma Management of Prostitutes

Cassie: Labeling the Redhead

Kathy: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia


April 4th: Relations among Deviants


Linda: Major presentation

Cassie: Sexual Asphyxia

Kathy: Race in the Hood

Heidi: International Organized Crime



April 11th: Deviant Acts


Heidi: Major Presentation

Cassie: Women in Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Linda: Turn Ons for Money

Kathy: Fraternities and Rape on Campus


April 18th: Deviant Careers


Kathy: Major Presentation

Heidi: Gay Male Christian Couples

Linda: The Professional Ex-

Cassie: Shifts and Oscillations in Deviant Careers


April 25th: Wrap Up Session


(although I’m hoping we can talk Kathy into covering the article on “Negotiating the

  Tattoo,” but that’s one extra one for her – so we’ll all ask and see what happens!).