Guidelines for In-Class Presentations


You should be sure, of course, to try to review what seem to you the most important points the author of the the material you are reviewing is trying to get across to readers or viewers.

Please prepare a handout that represents the lecture notes that you think a good student should have taken during your discussion.  This frees the listening students up to pay attention to the discussion, and to participate more fully in it.  It is, of course, hoped that they will still makes "customized" notations of their own on the handouts you give them.

You should give the students a bibliography for their own files.  The bibliography should include the full reference to the material(s) you are presenting, and it should have a few references for extra study for those who would like to delve into the topic more on their own.

If you use visuals, such as PowerPoint slides, it's a good idea to run a copy of those too for all your listeners.