Sociology 5319


Term Paper


Instructions for Preparing Term Papers


The topic must, of course, have something to do with the sociological study of globalization -- (refer to our collective definition generated during class).  The paper should be no fewer than 12 pages long (double-spaced, typewritten and NOT counting “front matter” and “back matter”). Font should not be smaller than 10 point.


You should reference your paper in detail. When in doubt, cite sources too often rather than too seldom. I don't care how you reference your citations as long as your system is careful and consistent. For sociology majors I strongly recommend that you use the American Sociological Association style guide.  You can find this online at:



REMEMBER TO PUT SOME SOCIOLOGY INTO YOUR PAPER! In other words, don't take a purely descriptive or journalistic approach. You need to discuss the behavioral and/or organizational dynamics of your subject matter. And don't forget about "classical" sociological variables like race, sex, age, rural-urban, social class, educational background, etc. in analyzing the topic of your choosing.


VERY IMPORTANT!!! Your paper should reflect the fact that you have taken this course! In other words, you want to use specific references to course readings and lectures.  You should, in other words, make use of concepts, theories, data, authors, etc. that you have encountered in the course (or will encounter -- if you haven't yet finished the readings list). These should be the "tools" in your "analysis kit." The biggest part of your grade will be based on how well this is accomplished.