Chapter 5 - Trait Theories

What is the world's most popular theory about why people do bad things?

Modern sociobiology believes that crime is due to: biology, environment, a complex interaction of these two?

What common misconceptions about crime and criminals do the mass media lead to?

What did Lombroso believe caused crime?

What methodological shortcomings characterized Lombroso's theory?

What 3 body types did Sheldon identify?  Did he believe that one of these was more likely to be criminal? 

What is phrenology?

What is a genotype?  A phenotype?  A somatotype?

What is the XYY theory of crime?  Does it appear valid?  Explain.

What did James Q. Wilson argue in his book The Moral Sense?

What is MBD?  Does this theory seem well supported according to lecture?  Explain.

What is ADHD?   Is there a good scientific instrument for measuring where one is suffering from ADHD?

What problems may exist for using twin studies to try to settle the nature vs. nurture controversy?

Who was Sigmund Freud?  Can you give a brief description of his theory?  Which part of the personality is said to be the cause of crime?  Which part is supposed to prevent crime?  What is "sublimation?"

Was Erik Erikson a "neo-Freudian?"  How did he differ from Freud in his theorizing?  Can you name and briefly explain each of his personality stages?

Can you briefly describe each of Kohlberg's moral development stages?

Who argued that mental illness is a myth?

What is meant by the "medical model of mental illness?"  Why problems may exist with the medical model?