Chapter 8 – Theories of Crime Involving Social Conflict

Whose name is associated with the concept of “winner-take-all” vs. “give-a-little, get a little?”  Can you briefly explain what this phrase is in reference to?

What is “structural functionalism?”

What is Karl Marx’s most famous book?

What did he mean by: means of production?  Mode of production? Class consciousness?  False consciousness?  Alienation? 

How would things be divided up in a socialist society according to Marx?

What three classes of persons did Marx identify in capitalist society?  What is capitalism?

What is a Marxist perspective on the origin of the police?

What are the main critiques of classical Marxism?

Who was William Bonger?  What is he well-known for in criminology?

What relationship is there between crime in Russia and the occurrence of its anti-socialism revolution in recent years?

What is the main thesis of George Vold in his book Theoretical Criminology?

Can you define: Instrumental Marxism, Integrative-constitutive Marxism, Structural Marxism, and Left Realism.  What famous names are associated with each?

What is a “quiet riot?”

What did Lombroso have to say about women and crime?

What as the main thesis put forward in Rita Adler’s Sisters in Crime?

How did Rita Jane Simon’s book Women and Crime take issue with Adler’s book?

What does Marxist feminism have to say about the relationship between patriarchy and crime?

How do radical feminists differ from Marxist feminists when explaining the origins of crime?

What main argument is put forward by Meda Chesney-Lind?

What main criticism of other forms of feminism has been put forward by “Women of color feminism?”

Is severity of punishment in reality seen to operate as predicted by feminism in general?  Explain briefly.

Can you define “status politics?”

Are instances of status politics more likely to occur in prosperous times or not?  Why?

Whose name and what book were closely associated with the study of the Temperance Movement?

What did Zurcher find out about who were mostly likely to be “con-porns?”