Chapter 12 – Nonviolent Street Crimes


Which kind of household experiences more crime, white or black?


Property crime is more common in which type of area?  Urban, suburban, or rural?


Does “household density” influence property crime?   If so, in what way?


How do the different regions of the U. S. compare re property crime rates?


How does a “fence” make a living?    How does one become a fence?


How do non-professional fences compare to professional ones?


Which specific kinds of property crime were rising for the period 2000 to 2004?  Which were falling?


What is meant by “inventory shrinkage?”


What are “boosters?”  What are “snitches?”   How are they different?


Check forgers tend to come from what type of social class background?


What is “working the float?”


Are most credit card thieves pros or amateurs?


What is a good definition of “confidence game?”


Can you give a couple of examples of “elderscams?”


What is a “pyramid scheme?”  What characterizes the products sold in such schemes?


In what part of the U. S. do we find the highest rates of auto theft?


What characterizes the cars that are stolen the most?


Burglary has been dropping sharply in recent years.  True or false?


Burglary is mostly an impulsive crime.  True or false?


Who coined the term “Victimless Crimes?”


Can you explain the term “moral crusade?”  “Moral entrepreneur?”


Who studied the Temperance Movement?


What is meant by the term “moral career?”


In the Temperance Movement, the anti-porn movement, the anti-marijuana movement, what characterizes those who oppose these?


What did Emile Durkheim mean by “the relativity of deviance?”


Can you define the various types of prostitutes?


What appears to be the motivation to prostitution for the largest proportion of prostitutes?


Does childhood sexual abuse seem related to later prostitution or not?


Using social control theory, what sort of person would you expect might be moved by pornography to commit antisocial acts?  


For what age group has drug abuse been rising fastest in recent decades?


How if the National Survey on Drug Abuse conducted?


What are the 3 most commonly used illegal drugs in the U. S.?


Have drug use arrest rates been rising in recent decades?   Has actual use of illegal drugs been showing dramatic increases in recent decades?


Who is more likely to abuse drugs?  Males or females?


Which racial/ethnic group has the highest rate of drug abuse?  Which group is second?


In which region of the nation is the rate of illegal drug use the lowest?


There is a strong sex difference in the rate of alcohol abuse.  True or false?


Whose alcohol abuse rate is higher?  College students?  No college adults?


Has high school binge drinking been on the increase or decrease in recent years?


Is the Monitoring the Future survey useful for tracking some drug use patterns?  Explain briefly.


Which drugs are least physiologically addictive?


What is the ED/LD ratio?   Which drugs does it indicate to be particularly dangerous?


What is the role of dopamine in drug addiction.


What is meant by the term “tolerance” when referring to drugs?


How does social bond theory account for drug abuse?  Differential association?  Strain or anomie theory?  Labelling theory?