Chapter 11 – Violent Crime and Terrorism


Which three counties have the top violent crime rates?  Is the U. S. one of these?


How does the U. S. crime rate compare to that of other developed(!) nations?


What factors did we discuss in lecture that may have led the U. S. to have a high rate of violent crime?


Is the level of fear of violence in the U. S. in proportion to the actual risk of victimization?  Explain.


What has been the trend in violent crime rates since about 1990?


What are some of the factors related to a high fear of crime in individuals?


In terms of age, who is most afraid?  Why?  What did the article by Eve and Eve find in this regard?


Are black people’s rates of violent victimization higher or lower than for whites?  What is the trend

regarding the difference based on race in recent years?  (I.e., is the difference in rates between blacks and white increasing or decreasing?).


Do Hispanic rates of violent victimization seem about in line with the percent of the U. S. population that is Hispanic?  Were there any particular crimes for which they seemed to be more at risk?  Has the rate of victimization of Hispanics been rising since the early 90s?


In family violence men strike women far more often than the other way around.  True or false?  Which sex is more likely to use a weapon?  Men’s injuries in family violence almost never require a trip to the doctor or hospital?  True or false?  Women living in same-sex relationships have about the same rate of domestic violence as traditional two-sex partnerships.  True or false?


Is there are relationship between income and rates of violent victimization?


Can you define “assault” and “battery?”


Who was Conrad Lorenz and why is he famous?


What do Peterson and Wrangham argue causes aggression in humans?  What was the name of their well-known book?


What is the main critique of the evolutionary perspective on human violence?


Can you define “neurotic?”   How about “psychotic?”


What is “bipolar disorder?”  How about “schizophrenia”? 


Does there seem to be any relationship between schizophrenia and acts of violence?  Does any such

relationship seem mediated by substance abuse?


What effect does serotonin have on human behavior?

What are some of the main family dynamics associated with later violence of offspring?


Is there a sex difference in the effects of early family abuse upon later violence by offspring?  Explain.


What is the “brutalization process?”  Is it the same thing as “crusted over?”


Who invented the notion of “a subculture of violence/”


What is the major thesis of the book Fight Time?


What are some of the major methodological problems afflicting laboratory studies about the effects of media on aggression?


Can you define the various degrees of murder?


Can you describe the MAJOR trends seen in the charts on homicide that appear in this chapter?


Is serial murder increasing or decreasing?  What motivates serial killers?  What percent is women perpetrators?  How do women serial killers differ from their male counterparts?


Have killings by strangers increased?


What accurately seems to characterize school mass murders?  How adequate is the “bullying” explanation?


Have rape rates increased or decreased in recent years?


What age tends to characterize rape victims?


Are rapists usually strangers?  What time of day do most rapes take place?  Are rapists typically married (excluding the category of marital rape, of course)?


Are most rapists considered mentally ill by the experts?


How common is stalking?


What are the main problems with concluding that pornography causes rape?


How have politics effected Presidential commissions set up to examine the effects of pornography on the tendency towards rape?


What is “status politics?”


From lecture, could personality interact with pornography to lead some, but not others, to rape?  Explain your answer briefly.


Have robbery rates been rising since the 1970s?


What today is the number one cause of death or injury while on the job?


What seem to be common motivations to workplace violence?


What are the most common motivations for hate crime violence?  What categories of persons are

most often the targets of hate crimes?


What was the trend in number of deaths due to terrorism prior to 2001?


Terrorism has only been common in recent decades.  True or false?


What causes terrorism?


What is the relationship between the politics of terrorism and the politics of non-violent resistance?  Why do they tend to occur at the same time?


What goals do terrorists typically have in mind?


What are “false-flag operations?”