Reading List

Part 1: Defining and Assessing Crime

      Chapter 1: Introduction to the Study of Crime

      Chapter 2: The Nature and Extent of Crime

      Chapter 3: Victims and Victimization

Part II: Theories about the Causes of Crime

      Chapter 4: Choice Theories

Material on Exam 1 will cover material above the line just below



      Chapter 5: Trait Theories

      Chapter 6: Theories about Social Structure and Crime

      Chapter 7: Social Process Theories: Learning, Control, and Reaction

      Chapter 8: Theories of Crime Involving Social Conflict

Material on Exam 2 will cover the material below Exam 1 and above the line just below


      Chapter 9: Nature and Nurture in Developmental and Integrative Theories

Part III: Specific Categories of Crime

      Chapter 10: White Collar and Organized Crime

      Chapter 11: Violent Crime and Terrorism

      Chapter 12: Nonviolent “Street” Crime