Overview of

OMNI-DATA Technologies is a technology solutions and human resource management company whose business focuses primarily on assisting others in developing multimedia CD-ROM based products and World Wide Web products where the focus of the products is on training and education. OMNI-DATA is not a programming company per se. Instead, it provides consulting services for the development of digital products. The technology to create multimedia and Web-based products has become fairly commonplace today. However, the existence of such knowledge and hardware has open the door to a host of organizational and human resource management questions that have hither-to not existed. This often leads to mass confusion in the production process, frustration and burnout among workers, as well as large cost and schedule over-runs during production. OMNI-DATA was created to help solve such problems.
OMNI-DATA Technologies maintains close relationships with a large number of multimedia developers and connects them to clients who need their services. OMNI-DATA can be sure that the developers are well-matched to client needs. In some cases, use of more than one developer may be indicated for different portions of a project and OMNI-DATA can make such arrangements. Further, OMNI-DATA can supervise the work of one or more multimedia development companies to insure reasonable costs, timely delivery, and high standards of quality for multimedia products commissioned by clients. In addition, OMNI-DATA can help companies restructure both their technology infrastructures and their work-team relationships and operating procedures to accommodate the requirements for new ways of working necessitated by the new technologies.
OMNI-DATA also has extensive experience in facilitating the development of distance education products in an educational context. Such products not only require the use of high technology authoring tools, but also new partnerships between multiple institutions. Often such partnerships must forge new alliances between the many levels of educational institutions, government, and the private sector. OMNI-DATA has employees and associates who have extensive experience in facilitating such alliances.

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