One of the most common questions asked of a 
     Sociology professor is "What can I do with a degree in 

     I am sure you are one of the many people that have 
     asked this question and that is why you are here. The 
     following should provide you some insight into the answer.

     A Sociology Degree Provides You With

      Facility in both oral and written communication
      Ability to think logically and creatively ("outside the box")
      Adaptation to new work environments, since you have 
       been expected to apply general principles to new problems 
       and to transfer new insights to varied situations
      Flexibility to enter into many career opportunities

     Examples Of Career Fields Undergraduate Sociology 
      Students Frequently Enter

      Criminal Justice
      Public Health
      Human Resources
      Industrial Relations

     Examples Of Career Fields Graduate Sociology 
      Students Frequently Enter

      Public Policy

     What Should You Do To Make Yourself More Attractive 
      To A Prospective Employer?

      Choose your elective courses in Sociology as well as 
       your general electives with your career goals in mind.
      Add a minor or even a second major in a related field
      Get experience and consider an internship or graduate 
       training in your area of interest
      Develop skills in basic computing i.e. Word, Excel, and 
       Power Point etc.
      Learn how to "sell" the knowledge you have obtained, 
       for example, stress statistics, research methods, and 
       human behavior.


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